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Time & Attendance Terminals

We stock a wide range of hardware solutions to suit your business. From traditional card terminals to state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint scanners and facial recognition units, we have something to fit your needs.  

Our plug and play terminals are ready to be configured by your team. Configuration services are available - just email or call us for more information! 

Mobile Terminals

Our mobile terminals are specially designed to be moved or easily transported to a new location as and when required.

Budget Terminals

Looking for a budget solution? Look no further, our budget terminals offer a low-cost but highly effective option.

Biometric Terminals

Our fingerprint and facial recognition terminals offer a secure and cost-effective way to clock in and out, whilst eliminating buddy clocking!

Proximity Terminals

Robust, reliable and affordable, Proximity terminals provide a trusted method of time capture.

Waterproof Terminals

Ideal for exterior or high humidity environments, our Waterproof terminals are able to withstand everything the elements could throw at them.