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The Nohmad sends information via GPRS - the mobile phone network - allowing employees to sign in and out electronically when entering or leaving worksites. 


  • Accurate Information
  • Real time Information
  • Affordable Information
  • Simple to Install
  • Simple to Use

Economic to install and easy to use, the Nohmad provides employers with an instant snapshot of where their workers are at any given moment. The worker either swipes their finger or places their token - about the size of a pound coin, and just as robust - against the base station.

The information confirming the identity of the employee and the date and time of their arrival or departure, is then sent to a designated server where the data is recorded and can be analysed as required.

Traditional attendance terminals operating in real time generally need to be connected to a physical communications network, often the user’s LAN. The Nohmad does not.

These advantages, along with its modest costs, make it an ideal device for industry sectors supplying low margin services across multiple sites the also require both accurate and immediate attendance records.


Low power 5v DC mains adaptor, 0.5W average.

-20˚C to +40˚C, 95% humidity (non condensing).

165mm x 66mm x 50mm.

2 x No. 6 screws or adhessive pad.

Serial number iButtonTM or Fingerprint Swipe Reader.

Bi-colour illuminated iButton probe. Two singlecolour LED status indicators. Audible buzzer. 24 hour time display (fingerprint version only).

SIM card:
Easy-install hinged SIM connector.

SIM set-up:
Serial link to PC.

Cellular radio:
Quad GSM band (800/900/1800/1900 MHz).

Cellular data:
GPRS class 10 (packet)

RF connection:
Built-in dual-band antenna (900/1800 MHz). External antenna connection and optional high-gain external antenna.

104MHz, 32 bit ARM9 wireless processor.

Battery-backed Real Time Clock with calendar.