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IP Clocks - Power Over Ethernet Synchronisation

Power Over Ethernet 

Power over Ethernet digital network clocks are designed to effortlessly put everyone on the same time. OnTime digital clocks plug into an Ethernet jack on your local area network.

No AC plug is required, so installation is inexpensive and it's easy to move clocks around. Power is supplied over standard Cat-5 cabling using the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard. The same power source as Voice-over-IP telephones. POE commercial digital clocks are highly accurate and receive synchronized time updates automatically over the network.


What is Power over Ethernet?


Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an exciting and relatively new technology that allows networked devices to obtain power as well as data from existing Ethernet cabling.

It is used to power VoIP phones, webcams and other devices including PoE Clocks. Power over Ethernet is a network standard, called IEE802.3af, approved by the IEEE.

Delivering both data and power over one set of wires simplifies installation, saves space and eliminates the need for electrical outlets.

Additionally, the option of centralized UPS backup allows PoE devices to continue running even in the event of a power failure.




Benefits of Synchronized Time

Consistent and accurate time across an organization keeps things running efficiently and smoothly. In a corporate environment, time wasted on waiting for co-workers to arrive at a meeting or training session translates directly into lost productivity.

Synchronized time in manufacturing environments promotes schedule adherence, helping the entire team meet productivity goals.

In healthcare facilities, synchronized time is critical to daily operations, whether it's checking on patients or delivering medications. Schools and universities rely on accurate timekeeping to smoothly transition students from one class to the next.




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