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HID Edge Plus Solo Access Controller

HID Edge Plus Solo Access Controller
Our Price:  £290.00
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HID's EDGEPlus Solo contains an embedded Web server. For stand-alone applications requiring only one door of access control, the embedded Web server allows users to easily connect and manage their single door system from anywhere in the world using most common Web browser software via the Internet. For projects that require multiple doors, the Web server can be used during system commissioning, significantly reducing the set-up time required to program the system. With laptop connected directly to EDGEPlus Solo it is easy to configure and change system parameters.

EDGEPlus Solo is equipped with fast diconnect plugs and it fits single gang electrical box. If you have PoE situation all you need to connect is 5 conductors from prox reader and 2 going to the door lock! Can't be simpler than that!

  • It is one of the smallest fully featured card access controller on the market, 3.3" x 4.8" x 1.5" (83.8 x 121.9 x 36.3mm) WxHxD
  • It is one of the most economical "out of the box" one door controllers on the market!
  • It fits standard single gang electrical box.
  • It is Ethernet enabled.
  • It is PoE enabled (Power over Ethernet).
  • It will power up readers, door lock and other peripherals. 12VDC 0.7 A available for door lock.
  • It has WEB interface embedded, no extra software required.
  • It has DHCP server built-in. No problems with IP addresses.
  • It will control one door.
  • It will continue working if netowork goes down.
  • Buy it in kit or in pieces. Typical kits below.
  • Add reader and door strike and that is all for working system. Can't be simpler then that!
  • Supports local data base of 1000 cards holders.
  • Supports 5000 local event buffering.
  • Perfect for one door or few doors systems. If you want to go big, there is no limit to number of EDGEPlus Solo controllers used.
  • Perfect for elevator control
  • Uses standard HID proximity cards and readers.
  • For higher security use proprietary proximity smart card readers and cards. They cost less then you expected.
  • All smart cards are printable.
  • All smart cards have unique numbers that never repeat.
  • It is easy to add another door, you are not limited to usual 2 or 4 door controllers.
  • It is really easy to program and use using your standard WEB browser.
  • It has 2 ways to power it up: PoE or 12-16 VDC 

If your network doesn't carry PoE you will require an additional power supply unit. 



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